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YHA 2016
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The Primary School Winner is St Stephen’s School, Fradley
The Year 5&6 children of St Stephen’s School put a huge amount of effort into researching Fradley during World War 2. They compiled a folder of work which encompassed a number of topics around Fradley during the war including the air hangers, Pill Boxes, Grave Stones and street names. There was also a focus of Remembrance in their folder.


The Key Stage 3 Winner was Isabella Prince from Framlingham College

Isabella wrote an essay entitled ‘Did Bawdsey Radar Station deserve a £1.4 million Grant’? This topic was very well researched especially as Isabella took the time to visit Bawdsey transmitter block in person. The essay discusses the historical importance of radar in WW2, how it was invented and used and why Bawdsey deserves a Heritage Grant. Photos of Isabella below who received her award at the Normandy Veterans Reunion in October.


The KS3 Highly Commended Local History Prize Winner was Emily Corkish from Ramsey Grammar School

Emily wrote an excellent essay around the significant role of the Isle of Man in the second world war which covered the changes to the island and the day to day operation at the airfields, radar sites, camps and ranges. 


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