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D-Day Anniversary: Service At National Memorial Arboretum - BBC Website

Click Image below to view the article on the D-Day Anniversary: Service At National Memorial Arboretum at the BBC Website:

Normandy on The BBC Website

Normandy Veterans’ Association Memorial

This fine memorial stone has been built at Alrewas Arboretum,
and work is being completed in time for its dedication at a ceremony on 24th September 2014.

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Normandy Veterans Association Memorial Normandy Veterans Association Memorial

29 June – 2 July 2013

Hillingdon Borough combined Civic, Schools, and Normandy Veterans personnel.

Two members of the Spirit of Normandy Trust joined the Hillingdon Borough combined group for a four day trip to Normandy. The main purpose was the education of twenty nine 14-18 year old students, two from each of the Hillingdon Borough secondary schools. Two veterans from the Normandy Campaign were in the party, and the students were encouraged to question and to learn from the veterans as they described the events of June 1944. The visit was highly successful in personal and educational terms and it is hoped that other Boroughs in the country will consider undertaking a similar combined visit.

Each student is invited to submit an essay or similar to the Spirit of Normandy Young Historian Competition and the Trust is looking forward to receiving some very interesting submissions.

Images Below - Left to Right...

1. The school party at the Long-sur-Mer Gun Battery
2. Normandy Veterans at the Pegasus Bridge Museum
3. The whole group with a Horsa Aircraft - (celebrating Armed Forces Day)

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The school party at the Long-sur-Mer Gun Battery Normandy Veterans at the Pegasus Bridge Museum The whole group with a Horsa Aircraft - (celebrating Armed Forces Day)

Normandy France

The Spirit of Normandy Trust took on the responsibility of restoring the General Montgomery Statue in Colleville-Montgomery for the Normandy Veterans Association. A restorer from Northampton, Matthew Beesley, completed the work. The town of Montgomery- Colleville contributed €500, and have welcomed the much improved statue.

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Monty Statue Before Restoration Monty Statue After Restoration Monty Statue


These two pictures were taken in China where the granite was sourced. The first image shows the interpretation block tipped over onto the front face in preparation for shipping and the second shot shows the wall, upright and temporarily assembled showing its entire length.

This is the first sight of the work underway. It was decided to cut the complex curves and overall shape at source before shipping to UK as the equipment was also available on location to undertake this work. The crating and packing in the container should be completed by the end of October when it will be shipped to Basingstoke which should take about six weeks. Over the winter months the surface will be honed and the lettering cut, the information block will have three recessed areas routed into the sloped top which will accept the two bronze panels and the tiled map.

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Normandy Campaign Memorial

Normandy Campaign Memorial


On the seventieth anniversary of the D-Day Landings the Normandy Veterans will retire their colours and disband their Association, now that the majority are close to, or already over, ninety years of age. To mark this milestone in 2014 the Spirit of Normandy Trust is raising the funds to build a fitting memorial and interpretation panel in the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas in Staffordshire.(

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Normandy Model 008

QA’s and NS

Our aim is to raise £65,000 to pay for a visually significant structure in granite. This will be a permanent tribute to all the men and women of the Campaign. The Trustees would be most grateful for any financial contribution toward this goal. Donations may be made either directly to the Spirit of Normandy Trust by cheque to: PO Box 300, Shrewsbury ST5 6WP or by clicking on the JUSTGIVING button on the web site and following the leads. Gift Aid Forms will be sent on request to donors paying basic tax and above.

To make bank transfers or for more information contact :- Mary R. Stewart, Hon: Secretary Tel:01428 605672


The annual Prize Giving Ceremony of the Spirit of Normandy Trust, in conjunction with the Young Historian Project, took place at the Union Jack Club on Tuesday 15th October 2013. Attending were the Trustees, members of the NVA and the Young Historians Association as well as the prize winners and their families and teachers.

The prize winners were each awarded a cheque for £100, and a cheque for £150 was presented to each participating school along with an engraved plaque.

Mack Buckler
Haslemere Preparatory School

Mack produced a brilliantly composed DVD showing how Haslemere might have looked in during the Second World War. Mack was the star of the film, introducing and commentating, dressed in costume of the period. He gave a well researched account of how the war had affected the town and its residents.

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Mack Buckler

Millie Orton
St Ninian’s School, Isle of Man

At the Key Stage 3 level the judges were unanimous in selecting Millie Orton from St Ninian’s School for her essay. Millie based her essay on interviews with her great grandmother regarding the war experiences of her great grandfather and his internment as a POW during the War. She compiled a comprehensive illustrated diary of his war service.

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Millie Orton

Owen Ogden
Nelson Thomlinson School, Wigton, Cumbria

Owen posed the question, ‘how important was the Allied Deception Plan in the overall success of the Normandy Landings in 1944?’ This was a very through piece of research and the judges especially liked the way Owen had chosen his own question and had then proceeded systematically to explore what was involved. He had good sense of the practical option available and of how the British managed to mislead the Germans until the very last. Considered by the judges to be exceptional, this essay won not only the senior prize but also the General Peter Martin Prize.

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Owen Ogden


General Peter Martin was the Chairman of the Normandy Veterans Association (NVA) and the Spirit of Normandy Trust for many years and in his memory the trust can award an extra prize, the General Peter Martin Prize, to someone who has produced a piece of work of particular merit. This is not awarded every year. But the Trustees were delighted to award the General Peter Martin Prize this year to Owen Ogden, who received an additional cheque for £100, presented by his son Mr David Martin.

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Owen Ogden

Young Historian Project

The Spirit of Normandy Trust Young Historian Awards are part of a wider Young Historian Award Scheme run by the Young Historian Project. This Project was established by the Historical Association, who still fund some of the Awards. This year, alongside the Spirit of Normandy Trust Awards, its Key Stage 3 Local History Award was presented to William Hall, Framlingham College for an entry on a US airbase in Suffolk in the Second World War, for which he received £100 in book tokens.

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William Hall

The Historical Association also awarded President's [On-line] Subscriptions to Luke Denton and Daniel Gibbs, of Haydon School, and Lois Goswell of Bishop Ramsay School in recognition of very highly commended work completed as part of the Borough of Hillingdon initiative to send student representatives of each of its secondary schools on a visit to the Normandy landing grounds.

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Daniel Gibbs Lois Goswell

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